GUITAR TECHNIQUE 020: Bottleneck Slide Guitar

December 23, 2018:
GUITAR TECHNIQUE 020: Bottleneck Slide Guitar

 NEW  This unique Creative Guitar Studio course  explores exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal of the course is to increase awareness, mobility and control.

Lesson 020 of Guitar Technique studies the technique and practical application of performing Bottleneck Slide Guitar technique.

This lesson plan will help even the most beginner slide player start getting used to playing the guitar using a slide. The lesson will cover the performance of both chords and melody lines.

The video lessons (along with the PDF handout), will help to clarify how note and chord vibrato techniques can be developed and then applied onto the guitar in several unique ways.

Parts one and two of the lesson will focus on learning to play slide accurately, along with tracking single notes laterally using the slide located on a single guitar string.

Parts three and four of the lesson will venture into open tunings with the "Open D" and the "Open G." These tunings will be used to learn guitar riffs that are based upon common techniques of the Bottleneck slide style and sound.

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PART ONE: (Free on YouTube)
Exercise one begins with the how to basics of learning how to use a slide. It progresses on to playing a simple linear melody on a single string.

PART TWO:  Exercise two adds more tones with studies that apply two and three notes in both small chords and across short arpeggiated melodic phrases.

Exercise three explores slide playing further with a new harmony from the guitar that applies an open tuning. The popular "Open G" guitar tuning is introduced along with a slide riff composed using this tuning set-up.

PART FOUR:  Exercise four adds one more common open tuning into the mix with a slide guitar riff built from the fantastic sounds of "Open D" tuning.

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