Les Paul vs Strat vs Tele: The Ultimate Electric Guitar Showdown

Darrell Braun...

The Ultimate Electric Guitar Showdown...

Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Strats and Teles are among the most popular guitar models of all time.

Some players own a version (or two) of all three, but many guitarists have not been fortunate enough to build up an arsenal.

If you’re unfamiliar with the technical and tonal differences between the models, fear not! We’re sharing this “Ultimate Guitar Comparison” video, in which a Les Paul Studio and an American Standard Strat and Tele are presented, discussed and, most importantly, played so that you can hear what they sound like for yourself.

The video is the work of Darrell Braun, whose videos can be found on his YouTube channel, Darrell Braun Guitar.

If you’d like to skip the talking and get right to the action, the riff comparison starts at 6:57, the solo comparison at 10:47 and the chord progression comparison at 14:57.

Even if you’re familiar with all three models, you might not have ever had the chance to hear them in such clear comparison before. Check it out, and visit Darrell’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.