7 Ways to Immediately Become a Better Musician...

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We know that being a musician is far from easy. Going out into the music industry is intimidating, but it can be also be rewarding. Here's a quick roundup of 7 great tips and advice from experts to help you become a better musician...

1. Eliminate hesitation in performances
"From the first note to the last, you should be giving it your all to make sure every part of the song is clearly executed with passion. Even if you see a professional musician fail, at least they went down trying hard. That will always win over an audience compared to someone who hesitates and gets the same result." – Anthony Cerullo, freelance writer and keyboard player

2. Strive for excellence, not perfection
"It’s important to remind yourself that while perfection may seem impossible to achieve, excellence is always within reach. So give yourself a break and remember that no one will ever be more critical of your music than you are." – Casey van Wensem, freelance composer, musician, and writer

3. Improve your stage presence by leaping out of your comfort zone
"Sign up for those private lessons you’ve been meaning to take, perform at that open mic you’ve been 'too busy' for, or take that dance class to learn how to be more fluid in your movements. Whatever it is for you, get out of your comfort zone so you can build the confidence you need to bring into your stage performance." – Christine Occhino, founder and artistic director of The Pop Music Academy

4. Actively refresh and rehearse your repertoire
"Once you have your repertoire chosen and polished, update and maintain it. Add in new songs every once in a while – you want to keep your audience coming back for more, and they likely won't want to hear the same set every time." – Sam Friedman, electronic music producer and singer-songwriter

5. Practice smarter by singing notes while you play them
"Next time you're learning a part, try singing the notes of the part as you play them. By singing the notes you play, you're engaging with the music on a whole other kinesthetic level of learning. The rhythm and the melody get under your fingers that much easier once you get it under your tongue." – Max Monahan, bassist and writer

6. Learn to silence negative thoughts
"When a thought pops up in your head, ask yourself if this is a constructive thought or a negative one. If it's a negative one, then simply redirect your focus to something that will help you become more successful." – Anthony Cerullo, freelance writer and keyboard player

7. Build your brand by creating a great mission statement
"A vision statement summarizes what you're truly passionate about and includes everything from the type of music you'd like to create, the products you might release, and the overall brand image you might like to impart on your intended audience. With a clear vision statement, it's far easier to map out the directions for how you're going to get to your desired destination." – Bobby Borg, author of Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

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