IMPROVISATION: Developing Patterns (Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz)

GuitarBlog: IMPROVISATION: Developing Patterns (Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz)...

Improvisation across different styles can be a difficult task. However, when small scale segments are used with different scale types, more than one style of music can be covered successfully...  

This episode of the GuitarBlog works through several scale types applied using small neck patterns for easier scale development. These scale-chunks, (referred to in the lesson as, "Developing Patterns"), are used to outline the scale in a fingerboard region. Then licks are constructed within those areas that will stylistically lean toward a particular musical genre.

PART ONE: In the first section, we look into scale segments used as developing patterns for, Rock and Pop music. The scales of Natural Minor and Mixolydian mode are applied. 

PART TWO: In the second half of the lesson, (available with the lesson handout in the members area), we incorporate Blues Scale and the Major Scale for use in the styles of Blues and traditional Jazz. Enjoy the lesson!

Developing Patterns (Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz)

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