Upgrade Your Jazz Soul /R&B Chords...

GuitarBlog: Upgrade Your Jazz Soul /R&B Chords...

Movin' on Up to Seventh and Extended Chords... 

The sound of your typical Jazz influenced Soul R&B tune carries with it a lot of cool sounding chord options. 

And, this means the chords that are used in this style can range from; triads, to seventh qualities, to even extended. Any guitar player getting into this style will have their work cut out for them since the, "chord types involved," rival that of what's found in many typical jazz songs. 

In this lesson, we will study how to take a set of chord changes and then expand them into larger chord types, using both 7th quality and extended chords. Plus, we'll add in scale passing tones for single-note line fills to take the progression into a whole new direction of sound. Enjoy the lesson!

Upgrade Your Jazz Soul /R&B Chords

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