Lemon Tones for Unique Guitar Melody

GuitarBlog: Lemon Tones for Unique Guitar Melody...

Learn to resolve phrases into 'off-color' tones for generating unique melodic guitar lines...  

This episode of the GuitarBlog works toward helping players resolve their phrases into off-color tones that are not a part of the more common chord tone resolutions. 

These "non chord tones" end up being the chord-tone extensions of the scale, (9, 11, 13). While these intervals do tend to come across as sounding, "off-key," they can be made to work as resolutions with practice.

YouTube- PART 1: Tonal distance is the first step to learning how to use these, "Lemon Tones." The reason why these tones come across as 'off-color' is due to their distance from the tonic and from the more common Root, 3rd, and 5th chord tones, (1, 3, 5). Chord progressions and example melodies in "D Major," and "D Minor," are used to help demonstrate the distance and arrival of these tones.

Members - PART 2: Off-color tones of the 4th and 11th in minor keys are very popular off-color "Lemon Tones," and need to be developed as a part of the learning process. In example three, we apply a chord progression and melody line in "C Minor," that targets the use of these tones specifically. Example four, wraps up the lesson plan by applying different combinations of the lemon tones into a phrase that resolves in the key of "C Minor."
Enjoy the lesson!

Lemon Tones for Unique Guitar Melody

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