Amazing Interview with Guitar Legend "G.E. Smith."


Amazing 3-part video Interview Series with "Saturday Night Live" star Guitar Legend, "G.E. Smith."


On his early life and influences; on getting his first guitar and learning how to play; on his earliest musical influences, music he listened to on the radio as a child and his first exposure to rock and roll; on attending a broadcast of Hootenanny and learning to play from watching other musicians; on learning he wanted to be a professional musician and his first paid gig

On attending Woodstock in 1969; on playing guitar for Gilda Radner's Broadway show "Gilda Live"; on playing guitar for David Bowie and appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

On playing guitar for Hall & Oates and appearing with them on Saturday Night Live; on becoming music director for Saturday Night Live; on his duties as music director on Saturday Night Live

On working for Lorne Michaels on Saturday Night Live; on assembling the band for Saturday Night Live and the sound of the band during his tenure; on the set-up in Studio 8H where the band played on Saturday Night Live and playing during commercial breaks


On creating musical arrangements for Saturday Night Live; on his influence on Lorne Michaels in booking musical guests for Saturday Night Live; on a typical work week on Saturday Night Live, and working with the likes of Chris Farley and Nirvana

On Robert Mitchum hosting Saturday Night Live; on the Saturday Night Live band backing up the musical guests; on working with various people on Saturday Night Live including Eddie Van Halen, Keith Richards, Al Green, Buddy Guy, and Paul Simon

On working with various people and bands on Saturday Night Live including The Replacements, Brian Ferry, Sting, Elvis Costello, Mick Jagger, Tracey Chapman, Cypress Hill, and Aerosmith; on writing the "Wayne's World" theme

On working with Eric Clapton on Saturday Night Live; on the infamous Sinead O'Connor "Pope ripping" incident on Saturday Night Live; on his favorite musical moments on the show On Miley Cyrus on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special; on leaving Saturday Night Live in 1995; on his greatest contribution to Saturday Night Live


On touring with Bob Dylan while still working at Saturday Night Live; on working with and getting to know Bob Dylan

On acting as music director for The Emmy Awards in 1988; on various instruments he plays, and having a guitar named after him by Fender in 2007; on then-current projects, including collaborating on a wounded veteran charity with Roger Waters

On advice to aspiring musicians; on career achievements and regrets and how he'd like to be remembered.