NEW Incredible Video Interview with Steve Vai on His New Album...

Courtesy of Jhoni Jackson

Check Out all the Crazy Weird Stuff Steve Vai Recorded His New Album With!

Marking the release of "Modern Primitive" - Steve Vai's new album of freshly recorded songs based on the compositions he crafted between his first two studio albums - the man offered an awesome look behind the scenes.

In the video, Vai presented the stories behind some of the tunes, as well as guitars he utilized throughout the recording process.

The axes include a peculiar half-guitar-half-harp instrument, as well as Stevie's very first "real" guitar.

He said about the "real" six-string: "This guitar was with me in my high-school bands, and this was basically the guitar I used most of the time through the Frank [Zappa] years. I love this guitar, and now I'm doing a song called 'Mighty Messengers' on it."

If you feel like buying the album, you can do it here.

Check out the goods in the video below.