Micro Lessons 260: "C Minor" Soul /R&B Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 260"

This Micro Lesson covers the use of the popular, "Blues Scale," in creating a lick that would be applied within the style of a "Minor Tonality" Soul /R and B song within the key of, "C Minor." 

This lick covers the span of two measures and begins from the upper register of the common 8th position, "C Blues Pentatonic" scale pattern. If this scale pattern is unfamiliar, take some time to learn and memorize the shape.

In the first measure, we begin from the 2nd string with a pull-off technique coming from off of the 11th to the 8th frets. From there, we work downward across the strings doubling back and including the b5 as a part of the run to generate the Blues /Soul /R and B sound. 

Measure one's resolution is into the minor 3rd scale tone of "Eb." In measure two, we build off of the b7 (Bb) tone and sequence through the mid-range portion of the scale. On the 5th string of this run we will apply another instance of our b5 tone for the Blues influence. 

While the lick is rather quick, without really being terribly fast, it will require competent memorization prior to building speed. Personally, I would not really consider it as a "flashy attention getting lick," but rather, to be applied as a connecting lick during a lead. 

It can also work well as a passing line (filler lick) played against the underlying chord harmony of the, "Cm7." I demonstrated this in the video lesson to show how well this lick functions around that chord. As with any guitar lick, learn this lick with a metronome to achieve the correct phrasing, speed and melodic effect. Enjoy!

Micro Lessons 260: "C Minor" Soul /R and B Lick