Creating Blues Licks

GuitarBlog: Creating Blues Licks...

This week's GuitarBlog covers the creation of Blues Licks.

Blues licks are a big topic and if we start trying to organize them into their different types, we'll find that there are a lot of licks to break down into many different categories. 

Blues is a style that can be performed in a number of different ways. We can have; Country Blues, Blues Rock, Delta Blues and just dozens more, (have a look at the Wikipedia page for the List of Blues Genres, it's a really long list). However, from a beginners stand-point, we can keep it simple. 

We can look at the Blues color tones, and target specific intervals, and from doing that we'll be able to have the understanding of the, "Blues Scale," for both making up licks and for also deciphering licks from all of our favorite blues guitar players.  Enjoy the Lesson!

Creating Blues Licks

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