Micro Lesson 258: "E Minor" 16th-note Funk Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 258"

This Micro Lesson jams out through a Funky 16th-note groove in the key center of, "E Minor." 

The groove operates by entirely using 3-note triads played upon the upper three guitar strings. It covers a fair range of the neck too, (from 7th to open positions). So, be prepared for a lot of horizontal movement along the neck.

Each of the measures applies a similar rhythmic groove from bar to bar using dotted eighth-notes and sixteenth's with a fair amount of both eighth and sixteenth-note rests. The groove is very broken and will require good amount of study to bring it up to the correct rate, pace and feel. 

In measures one and two, we find the "Em and Bm" triads move along into a "C major" chord. The third measure is brought in with a short Pentatonic lick. Measure three applies a quick shot upon the IV-chord of the key of "E Minor," with an "add2" concept resolving into our "A Minor" triad. A flashy 16th-note lick brings in the final measure where a 3rd position "G Major" moves us into the key's VII-chord of "D major." 

Overall, this riff is very consistent in it's rhythmic structure, which makes it a lot of fun to play. take your time and really listen closely to how each bar is supposed to sound. Remember that old saying, "if you can't sing it, you probably can't play it." This saying truly does apply to this riff. Use a metronome to build proper timing and speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 258: "E Minor" 16th-note Funk Riff