Learn to Trust Your Gut...

GuitarBlog: Learn to Trust Your Gut...

This weeks GuitarBlog covers the importance of, "Trusting in your Gut," and playing from your intuition when performing pieces or improvising on guitar. 

As a musician, "trusting your gut," with how you are thinking and feeling while you're playing through lines is one of the most important things that you can learn how to use to your advantage. 

Your instincts are there to help you preserve the flow of the music as you are creating it. This occurs while we are either improvising, or while we are playing parts that are composed. 

Turning down the noise in our mind, (focusing more upon the music around us), and becoming more connected to what we feel is a more natural creative direction. Once learned, we will not only play composed lines with more confidence, we will be able to more quickly react to any mistakes that might possibly occur during our performance. 

The important element of this, "playing from the gut", concept is maintaining a clear mind and being tuned in to always trusting our instincts. Once there is some success with doing this, you will be amazed at how this can help your overall playing and performance. Enjoy the Lesson!

Learn to Trust Your Gut

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