Musicians Must Master Marketing As Well As Their Instruments...

Musicians, educators and music professionals face a myriad of new challenges today. While the costs of recording, producing and distributing music have decreased, the opportunities to earn dollars through traditional and digital channels are diminishing...

While Taylor Swift recently came out against streaming services like Spotify for giving as much as 70 percent of revenues to labels, and just pennies to the artists, there are many ways musicians and educators can leverage the digital space to share their art and make money.

Music composer and instructor, Dr. David Mitchell is teaming with marketing leader, Jennifer Jones, to share tips on how the online space can be used to create brand awareness for musicians and drive tangible income. 

The duo will present "How to Promote Your Music Online: A Guide to Social Media for the Musicians" at the College of Music Society's Southern Chapter Conference on February 20, 2015 at 1:30 PM at the Mississippi University for Women in Poindexter 211.

And, it's not just musicians who can benefit from harnessing the power of digital and social media. Producers and professors can raise their own profiles through content sharing online to demonstrate their knowledge, experience and leadership positions.

"Everyone has a different goal when it comes to creating music," said Dr. Mitchell. "Some people are trying to make a profit. Some are trying to reach a specific audience. Some are trying to brand themselves as an artist or an educator and thought leader. Social media lets you do all of it and we look forward to showing the CMS audience how."

A recent composition for guitar and piano, "Lake Avondale, A Beautiful Day" by Dr. Mitchell will also be performed at the conference by Jay Kacherski, guitar, Lina Morita, piano. The piece recently premiered at the Spectrum in New York City by the Samadi-Keene duo.

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