Micro Lesson 055: "Bb Major" Jazz Progression

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"Micro-Lesson 055" 

This Micro Lesson covers a jazz harmony progression in the key of, "Bb Major." 

This Micro Lesson applies groovy chord and scale lines around the seventh chord harmony of a, "I, IV, II, V," jazz progression, (Bb Maj7, Eb Maj7, Cm7, F7).

These chord changes are enhanced using two popular harmonic and melodic ideas. 

1). Extended chords are applied using the 6th and 9th extended intervals and are included on measures one and in measure two. These chords are; "Major 6," and "Major 9th" types and are applied to the tonic chord of, "Bb Maj7," and to the IV chord of, "Eb Maj7," respectively. The extended chords allow for greater harmonic movement across the harmony. 

2). The other applied concept are single-note lines which occur in measures three and four. Minor Pentatonic Scale and Dominant Seventh arpeggio lines are applied around the, "Cm7," and around the, "F7," chords.  Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 055: "Bb Major" Jazz Progression