Micro Lesson 066: "C Minor" Funk Scratch Groove

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"Micro-Lesson 066" 

This Micro Lesson uses the, "C Minor," harmony to create a Funk Groove. 

The rhythm lesson example works through a funk rhythmic groove that focuses upon scratch rhythms. 

Funk grooves are some of the most demanding when it comes to rhythmic ability for the guitarist. When scratches are employed during a busy sixteenth-note guitar part the demand increases drastically. 

The trick to developing funk groove playing is that of learning the parts measure by measure. This is due to the similarity of the measures. 

Once a rhythm is developed in one bar, the other measures will generally follow quickly. In the example, the groove uses three string triads located on the upper three and mid-three strings. 

The chords are all from the key of, "C Minor." Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 066: "C Minor" Funk Scratch Groove