Micro Lesson 054: "C Minor" Fingerstyle Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 054" 

This Micro Lesson covers a finger-style guitar part in the key of, "C Minor." 

This fingerpicked phrase begins by arpeggiating the, "C Minor," Barre chord at the 8th position. 

A 16th-note triplet is used on the second beat of measure one to push the harmony into measure two where a first inversion, "Bb Major," chord enters. 

Upper string double-stops from, "Eb," and, "F," power chords bring in the third measure. Both measures 3 and 4 apply arpeggiated, "Ab," and, "Bb," major triads with a common melodic passage to connect them.

Be sure to practice with a metronome to gain the correct speed and perfection with the performance of the part. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 054: "C Minor" Fingerstyle Riff