Micro Lesson 049: "F Minor" Soul /R&B Jam

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"Micro-Lesson 049" 

This micro lesson covers a smooth Soul /R and B jam in the key of, "F Minor."

This soulful rhythm jam  organizes a simple I, IV, V minor key progression with a smooth soul /R and B sound. 

The progression uses several 'filler licks' performed after each chord attack. The chord types apply both standard seventh quality harmony, along with the addition of an extended chord, (Bbm11). 

Every measure has a melodic filler lick used to connect each harmonic movement. These filler 'melodic statements' are mostly pulled from the, "F Minor Pentatonic Scale." However, some passing tones are applied from the, "F Natural Minor."

Take your time learning the fingering patterns for; each chord shape, the filler licks, and how to smoothly execute each of your position shifts. I hope you enjoy playing this jam. Thanks for tuning in!

Micro Lesson 049: "F Minor" Soul /RandB Jam