Micro Lesson 048: "A Dorian" Alternative Rock Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 048" 

This micro lesson covers an Alternative Rock Rhythm Riff in, "A Dorian."

When playing through this riff you'll quickly notice the association to the sounds of bands like The Tragically Hip or perhaps Oasis. 

The riff is Minor, but operates in the Dorian mode. Dorian is the second mode of the Major scale. This riff is in "A" Dorian, which is the 2nd mode of the key of "G" Major. 

The difference between the "A" Natural Minor and Dorian is the raised 6th scale tone. Off of the root of "A" this is the "F."

In "A" Dorian we apply an "F#" tone against the "A" tonal center. Every measure of this riff applies the "F#" tone with strong resolutions back to the root of "A." Practice this riff until it is smooth and easy to play. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 048: "A Dorian" Alternative Rock Riff