Micro Lesson 047: "Eb Major" Jazz Melody Line

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"Micro-Lesson 047" 

This micro lesson covers a traditional sounding Jazz Melody Line based in the "Key of Eb Major"

This fairly straight forward Jazz melody Line from the Key center of "Eb Major,"  is both very melodic and a lot of fun to play...

The line begins with a series of pick-up notes into the 5th chord-tone (Bb) of the tonic chord (Eb Maj.7). The melody lines flow across interesting harmonies mixed with; Major 7, half-diminished chords, (Mi7b5) as well as, Dominant 7th chord ideas (C7 and E7).

The melody applies a mix of chord tones and chord extensions which are tracked /targeted along the chord harmonies through the progression. At the fourth measure, the pick-up phrase returns to take the melody back to the top. 

The melody isn't particularly fast, but it does contain some challenging stretches, so take your time developing the phrase. Remember to maintain a smooth swing feel to your performance of the part. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 047: "Eb Major" Jazz Melody Line