Micro Lesson 046: "F Minor" Funk Rhythm Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 046" 

This micro lesson covers a fast Funky Guitar Groove in the "Key of F Minor"

This Micro Lesson combines fast sixteenth-note Pentatonic licks with triad and Minor 7th chord shots to produce a groovy funk rhythm riff. 

The first half of this riff operates with the same sixteenth and quarter-note based rhythmic statements. These highlight the use of the "F Minor" Pentatonic scale along with the diatonic chords of the key signature. 

Measures 3 and 4 act to resolve the riff through the application of a fast paced, "F Minor," scale run in measure 3. A strong resolution occurs back to the tonic chord in measure 4 using the IV and V minor chords of this key for the turnaround. Take your time and use a metronome to build your speed. Enjoy! 

Micro Lesson 046: "F Minor" Funk Rhythm Riff