Beginners Guide to Guitar Solos

August 05, 2016:
Beginners Guide to Guitar Solos

PART ONE: Explores simple ways we can phrase guitar lines. Resolving guitar lines into the root of the key we're functioning in and resolving into other chord tones. This can be the root of another chord within the key, or resolving into a 3rd or 5th chord tone within any underlying chord.

PART TWO: Discusses the study of other players guitar solos. The lesson offers two guitar lines for study. The first is in the style of players like; Steve Cropper, Jimi Hendrix, Kim Mitchell. The second is more in the style of players like; Neal Schon, Slash or Jimi Page. These guitar lines will introduce you to the styles of guitar performed by these legendary players.

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Beginners Guide to Guitar Solos


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