You Don't Have to Bother Learning Guitar, This Device Will Play for You...

Courtesy of Ultimate Guitar News

It would seem that the time when we no longer have to study guitar in order to play it has finally arrived, with the recent introduction of a wacky device called the Chordelia...

Crafted by a fella named Tim, the device operates by clamping the desired chord, leaving the player free to just strum away. Sounds great!

Chordelia is attached directly onto the neck right below the head-stock. It features a set of five levers, each used for playing G, D, C, Am, or Em chord.[Okay, hold on a sec. - it only plays five chords ?!?]...

Tim noted: "I'm not a musician. I tried to learn the guitar, but all this business [shows tangled up fingers on fretting hand] is really tricky, so I gave up. I came up with the Chordelia instead.

"It works by squashing the strings in all the right places. If you play chords in a pattern and keep repeating it, then that's playing a song. That's what a song is, just a collection of chords."

As for the price, it's a little heavy on the wallet at $250.00 (plus a pricey shipping fee from Europe), ...That's a whopping $50.00 US per chord - YIKES!... more info on the official website.

You can check out the demonstration video below.


  1. I will use this with my new iTunes app that generates full band arrangements if I cough twice twice into the mic

  2. Pretty solid strumming for a guy that has never learned (allegedly) to play. Might have to call bullshit on that.