VIDEO: Hilarious Vintage Fear Mongering Reports About Heavy Metal...

Courtesy of Loudwire

These days, heavy metal music still gets bad press from certain sections of the media. But, today has nothing on the mid-1980s to early 1990s heyday of metal witch-hunts in the mainstream press.

Loudwire has put together an epic super-cut of historical, fear-mongering news pieces on metal and its fans, and boy is it worth checking out. Allegations of occultism, drug abuse and overall moral panic about corruption of youth abound, as do an epic selection of mullets and denim jackets. Check it out below.

As A.V. Club notes, a particular highlight of the clip is famed news anchor Stone Phillips delivering a somber report about the "so-called tough kids, hoods, or burnouts, some into drinking or drugs, others who aren't into much of anything at all... Except heavy metal music." Crazy to think that this was the state of play just 30 years ago...


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