Soloing to the Chords

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This weeks GuitarBlog covers how to work on the skill of playing into chord tones. 

The idea of soloing to the chords, (or what is also sometimes called soloing "with" the chords), is an excellent concept to study. It allows the player to target into the exact notes of a chord and better highlight the most vital sounds occurring at the right time. 

This can be achieved when the melody, (composed or improvised), that we create will directly target the chord tones of a chord located at the very moment when we're performing our lines. 

For example, if the chord of, "A Minor," were being performed, we'd have the chord tones of; "A, C and E" being heard from within that chord. If we were to perform a melodic idea that incorporated those specific tones (more than any other diatonic tones related to the overall key center), we'd be "Playing to that chord." 

Obviously this is easier said than done. In this lesson, I will offer up a few specific tips that should help give guitarists the direction to slowly develop this technique. Over time, the studies described here will work to help this skill come together when writing or soloing any melody. Enjoy!

Soloing to the Chords

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