Micro Lesson 271: "C Minor" Pentatonic Speed-Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 271"

This Micro Lesson demonstrates a fast moving, "C Minor Pentatonic," Scale speed-lick. 

This lick functions along the top three strings of the guitar and runs down the structure of the lick across multiple fingerboard positions. The run begins at the 4th position off of the second string. The start of the lick uses a bend, release, pull-off idea that functions between the 6th to the 4th frets of 2nd string. The position quickly changes by application of a quick slide, and leads the phrase upwards into the 6th position on the neck. 

Here, we apply a pull-off idea with another slide that takes us higher into the 8th position. At this point, we begin working more vertically, "in-position," by operating in the popular, "8th position C Minor Pentatonic," with the addition of the, "b5" "Blues Tone." The resolution is into the Tonic of "C," at the 4th string 10th fret. 

The entire run is made up of steady 16th-notes and moves extremely fast. Be sure to memorize the entire line prior to building up your speed. You'll also need to fully comprehend the position shifts as you run this idea along the fingerboard. 

Use a metronome to slowly and perfectly build up your speed. Have fun!

Micro Lesson 271: "C Minor" Pentatonic Speed-Lick


  1. Nice video songs. Thanks for the lesson. Please post more as I will check back.