Micro Lesson 264: "A Minor" Jazz-Blues Progression

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 264"

This Micro Lesson explores a groovy 1960's style, "Jazz-Blues," Progression in the key of, "A Minor." 

Starting up at the 7th position, this chord progression begins with an, "A Mi7" chord built off of the 4th guitar string. The eighth-note straight-time feel is a big part of this grooves' sound, and it works to 'walk the line' between jazz and blues musical styles. 

The end of measure one has an open, "D" string anticipating the arrival of the second measure with an open, "D" 4th string bringing from a, "G7/D" (second inversion) chord. A jazzy chromatic line off of the 4th string also acts as a turnaround phrase that pulls the first half of this progression back to the top. There are three repeats of the first two measures, firmly establishing the front half of this phrase. 

At the back-end of this progression, we find a common sounding jazz-blues turnaround applying both an, "F7" and an, "E7" secondary dominant harmony to flip the progression around for return back to the top. Since this progression relies so heavily upon the chord patterns, as long as the chords are competent, this progression will be fairly easy to learn. 

If these chord shapes are new to you, take extra time learning them on the neck. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 264: "A Minor" Jazz-Blues Progression


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