Here's a Fretboard Diagram & Chord Chart to Print + Hang on Wall...

Courtesy of Ultimate Guitar

In the day and age that we live in, it's easy to get distracted from important things, such as practicing your guitar, and so Ultimate has a couple of New Year's gifts that could help you with that.

Gift #1 is a 24x36 poster of all the guitar chords that you might need (as a beginner and intermediate player, that is), it was presented by a dude on Reddit, and we highly recommend printing one and placing it up on your wall.

The author pointed out that the thing might have a mistake or two, so keep your eyes peeled about that.

The fella also noted: "I was looking for a poster to put up on my wall that shows guitar chords, but everything that I found online was either not very detailed or looked pretty cheesy. I made my own in Adobe Illustrator and I figured I'd share it with you all."

Download it here, or click on the image below, for full size.

Gift #2 is another useful and fairly similar thingie, perfectly suited for beginners, it's a fret-board diagram that shows all of the note names upon the frets.

Each of the notes is assigned with its own distinct color, (which ought to help you remember the whole thing with more ease).

The author, goes by the alias of Pixeldragon.

You can click here, or on the image, for full size.


  1. These are great - Thanks Andrew. Your daily posts are always top notch my friend.