Easy Chords for Blues Guitar...

GuitarBlog: Easy Chords for Blues Guitar...

This weeks GuitarBlog covers how to make easy Dominant 7th chord shapes for use within Blues Guitar... 

Any chord type, (whether the style of music they are being used in is; blues, jazz, country or rock, etc.), can be broken down into much smaller chord voicings.  The smaller versions are pulled from within the larger chord patterns.

These smaller versions, are not just used by guitar players who want to have easier shapes - during the time in which their skills are developing. These smaller patterns are also excellent for playing when in larger band settings. Especially when there are more instruments playing a rhythm part in larger musical situations, i.e., big band (6-piece or more), and larger musical ensembles. 

In this lesson we are going to make a study of how the larger blues chords (Dominant 7th), can be chopped down into smaller chord fingering versions. These smaller chord shapes can be used as replacement patterns for any Dominant 7th chord, at any time, (in any style). Enjoy!

Easy Chords for Blues Guitar

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