Pedal Tone Chord Progressions

Pedal Tone Chord Progressions

This week's GuitarBlog explores the use of pedal tones in chord progressions.

This Pedal Tone concept allows a sustained, or continually repeated note, (usually in the bass), to create new harmonic ideas. The new pedal tone ideas include upper harmonies which are changing in higher registers. 

Pedal Tones are especially common in Classical music. But, other styles like Jazz and Rock also apply them. 

In the video, I demonstrate several examples of Pedal Tones functioning against triads as well as, other chord qualities.

The featured repeating bass ideas may present a few challenging fingering techniques. However, the melodic direction of the parts creates enough interesting sound to maintain a student's interest. Enjoy the video!

Pedal Tone Chord Progressions

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