Micro Lesson 064: "B Minor" Funky /Blues Lick

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"Micro-Lesson 064" 

This Micro Lesson uses the, "B Blues," scale to create a funky /Bluesy guitar lick. 

The lick begins at the second string's 12th fret, "B," note and quickly runs through a series of mixed sixteenth-notes, as well as, thirty-second notes. 

The effect of all of these fast duration scale tones makes for a quick beginning to the line. However, in the second half of the lick there's several staggered sixteenth's, (with sixteenth-note rests in between), creating a choppy ending to the line. 

Overall, this short two-bar, "Minor Tonality," phrase is fun to play at any speed, but really takes on an interesting feel at faster tempos. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 064: "B Minor" Funky /Blues Lick


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