Micro Lesson 063: "G Dorian" Latin Rock Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 063" 

This Micro Lesson Works out a riff in "G Dorian" mode that takes on a style of Latin Rock. 

The Santana-ish sounds of this riff apply Minor key flavor through the second mode of the parent major scale key of "F Major." 

The riff begins by playing through the chord tones of "G Minor," highlighting the note of "E." This note appears in bar two within the "C9," chord. Normally, in the standard "G Natural Minor" harmony we would find an "Eb" tone. This raised 6th degree gives us the sound of "Dorian Mode." The riff uses the unique "E natural" tone once again in bar four. 

Overall, the riff is a relatively easy pattern to learn and can be developed to play at a nice moderate tempo, (while still sounding good at any performance tempo). Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 063: "G Dorian" Latin Rock Riff


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