Micro Lesson 062: "A Phrygian" Minor Key Lick

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"Micro-Lesson 062" 

This Micro Lesson explores a Modal Lick in the key of, "A Phrygian." 

This fast sixteenth-note modal guitar lick is in the minor key center. The mode for this lick encompasses "Phrygian" mode. 

Phrygian mode is generated from this lick through the pattern of performing both from and resolving to the 3rd scale tone of the "F Major Scale." 

Since the third tone of the major scale produces the Phrygian mode, we can focus upon the "A" tone from within the key of, "F major," and establish it as our focal point. 

When the line we produce starts and ends upon that "A" tone, (yet uses only those notes found from the key of "F Major,") we generate the Phrygian sound. 

Pay careful attention to the fret-board fingering you decide to use and how the pick-hand will execute the picking pattern when building the licks speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 062: "A Phrygian" Minor Key Lick