Micro Lesson 061: "A Minor" Double-Stop Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 061" 

This Micro Lesson explores a Double-stop Riff in the key of, "A Minor." 

This Micro Lesson covers an interesting Two-Note chord riff in, "A Minor." Guitarists generally refer to two-note chords as, "Double-Stops." These ideas operate around the use of two notes from the bigger, (more complete), chord of three-notes. 

If a power-chord is not the focus of the phrase, (or entire progression), the other Double-Stop chords will generally use the root and the third. This approach is what we find in Micro-Lesson 61. 

The harmony established by this double-stop phrase quickly moves through the small two-note double-stops, "A minor," "B minor," and, "G major" in the first two measures. An, "F major," to, "C major," wraps up the phrase, finally resolving on a, "G" chord. 

Take time working through measures three and four. The scale lines can be tricky. Use a metronome to build your speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 061: "A Minor" Double-Stop Riff


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