Micro Lesson 060: "B Dorian" Latin /Bossa Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 060" 

This Micro Lesson explores a smooth Latin /Bossa Riff in the mode of, "B Dorian." 

The riff applies both major and minor seventh and minor sixth chord qualities. This fun bouncy groove pushes heavily on the sounds of the, "B Minor" tonality right from the start at measure one. 

The "B Minor" color carries over into measure two with the appearance of the "Bm6" chord, (where the Dorian mode is established). 

A drift to the 'parent major' tonality occurs in bars three and four with the, "Amaj7 and Dmaj7," chords. The really unique aspect is, of course, the Latin rhythmic feel of the two-bar clave rhythm. 

PERFORMANCE: Watch those alternating Bass-Notes and play the riff slowly at the beginning to thoroughly memorize the groove prior to introducing more speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 060: "B Dorian" Latin /Bossa Riff


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