Micro Lesson 058: "B Minor" Reggae Progression

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"Micro-Lesson 058" 

This Micro Lesson runs through a Reggae Progression in the key of "B Minor." 

The riff applies a typical Reggae groove using several triads on the upper guitar strings. The triad voicings will be mostly inversions. They are the following chords; "Bm," "A," "E," and "G."

Since the four (IV) chord ("E") is of the Major quality, the riff is technically based in the Dorian mode. There is however, a slight twist upon the harmony, with the appearance of a "G major" chord. This chord occurs as a modal interchange chord, and gives the progression a unique sound. 

When practicing, use a drum machine set to a Reggae groove to develop the correct back-beat feel. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 058: "B Minor" Reggae Progression


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