Micro Lesson 056: "E Minor" Classic Rock Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 056" 

This Micro Lesson covers a classic rock progression in the key of, "E Minor." 

The riff operates in two parts. One part is based upon a low register single-note line riff using the notes of the, "E Minor Pentatonic Scale." This low-register riff occurs in measures one and three. It leads off of the open, "E," 6th string and ends one octave higher at the 5th string seventh fret. 

The second segment of the riff applies chord punches in measures two and four. The punches involve chords of "Csus2" and "G/B" in measure two. And, a pair of power chords, "G5," and "D5," in measure four. The chords give the riff a good deal of momentum and above all else, they drive home the riffs resolutions. 

After memorizing the riff, work the riff up to a tempo of 108 b.p.m. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 056: "E Minor" Classic Rock Riff


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