Micro Lesson 053: "E Minor" Triplet Lick

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"Micro-Lesson 053" 

This Micro Lesson runs through a fast paced Triplet lick in the key of "E Minor." 

This speedy triplet lick in the key of "E" Minor applies moderately complex fingerings and changes through positions quickly along the guitar neck. 

The first half of the lick uses a mix of the "E Minor Pentatonic" along with the "E Blues" scale. At the end of the lick, the "E Natural Minor" scale is applied to wrap up the phrase with closer intervals producing more tension. 

Although a majority of the lick is using eighth-note triplets, at two points during the phrase we bring in sixteenth-note triplets. Be sure to gauge your feel as you approach each sixteenth-note triplet.

Work slowly at developing the lick in order to build smooth and accurate skill at faster tempos. Memorize the fingering and carefully judge fingerboard positions prior to increasing speed. Use a metronome to develop your skills at the appropriate rate and pace of each goal tempo. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 053: "E Minor" Triplet Lick


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