Micro Lesson 052: "A Minor" Classic Rock Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 052" 

This Micro Lesson runs through a Classic Rock riff in the key of "A Minor." 

The riff applies harmonic movements based out of the "A Dorian" scale.Two chords are used to push a melodic line that ties them together. 

The "A Minor" chord is the tonal center chord, while the 'lead in' chord of, "D Major," acts as a 'IV major' chord. 

All melodic concepts for the riff, (found in measures 2 and 4), are built out of the "A Minor Pentatonic Scale." 

A passing tone from the, "A Blues Scale," (the diminished 5th of Eb), is applied in measure four to spice up the turnaround structure of the final single-note line. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 052: "A Minor" Classic Rock Riff


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