Major and Minor Sixth Chords...

Major and Minor Sixth Chords...

This week's GuitarBlog explores the use of Major and Minor Sixth chords.

The sixth chord is one of the group of extended chord types constructed under the octave, (others include the 2nd and the 4th, beyond the octave these chords are reffered to as; "9, 11, and 13")

Sixth extensions can be constructed upon either major or minor triads. In the video lesson, I've selected three of the most popular Major and Minor 6th chord patterns. And, I've also created practice progressions to help quickly work these shapes into your guitar playing.

To construct sixth chords, we can take the basic triad structure of, "Root," 'third" and "fifth" intervals, and then add on a Major sixth interval. The result is either a Major 6th Chord, (which is simply a "Major Triad" with the addition of a "Major 6th Interval."), Or, in the case of Minor 6th chord, we take a "Minor Triad," and add on that same "Major 6th Interval" giving us the "Minor 6th" quality. 

Watch the video below... I've chosen three of the most popular Major and Minor 6th chord patterns to review.  Practice progressions have been provided to help you quickly work these chords into your guitar playing. 

Major and Minor Sixth Chords

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