Micro Lesson 045: "E Major" Smooth Jazz Melody

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"Micro-Lesson 045" 

This micro lesson covers a Smooth Jazz Melody Line in the "Key of E Major"

This Micro Lesson revolves around applying a smooth diatonic jazzy melody within the tonality of Major in the key signature of "E Major." The melody idea is completely diatonic, yet operates around a common set of seventh quality chords producing a modern contemporary jazz effect. The progression is all seventh chords as; "I, III, IV, II, V, I." Comprised almost entirely of eighth-notes the feel of the line is performed in straight time. This is more evident to styles like smooth jazz, pop-jazz, or contemporary music rather than to jazz with a swing, or traditional jazz meter. Learn the line and gain the speed, (goal tempo is a quick 140 b.p.m.), with a metronome. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 045: "E Major" Smooth Jazz Melody


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