Micro Lesson 044: "Key of B" 70's Rock Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 044" 

This micro lesson covers a 70's Rock Riff in the "Key of B"

This Micro Lesson jams out a classic sounding 70's Rock Riff. These riffs were found in dozens of hits from the 70's. This sound was generated using combinations of the Blues based Boogie-Woogie phrasing with more of a straight-time feel combined with arpeggios and Major Pentatonic. Many 80's bands continued to use this same approach in several hits of that era. The Boogie pattern starts our riff with a suspended triad punching through measure 2. The end of the riff applies combined use of both Major Pentatonic, as well as, B7 arpeggio. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 044: "Key of B" 70's Rock Riff


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