Micro lesson 039: "F# Minor" Thrash Metal Riff

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"Micro-Lesson 039" 

This micro lesson covers a Thrash Metal Riff in "F# Minor"

This Micro Lesson takes a look into the world of Thrash Metal Riffs. This fast Riff is in the key of "F# Minor." The first half of the riff applies a string skipping idea using a low 6th string 2nd fret "F#" tone against both an octave of the "F#" as well as a lowered 2nd degree on 4th string. The hybrid picking technique can be used to perform the upper register notes. 

After a few low register 6th string scale tones are used to wrap-up the line, the second measure introduces some interesting chromatic tones on 5th string. The chromatic passing tone idea is  applied using a diminished 5th degree. It's important to mention that the minor 2nd and the diminished 5th are vital tones within this guitar style. Have fun and use a metronome to build your speed. - Enjoy!

Micro lesson 039: "F# Minor" Thrash Metal Riff


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