Micro Lesson 038: "A Mixolydian" Pop Jazz Lick

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"Micro-Lesson 038" 

This micro lesson covers a Pop-Jazz Guitar Lick in "A Mixolydian"

This Micro Lesson covers a Pop-Jazz style guitar lick that uses the "A Mixolydian" mode. This mode is the fifth mode of the, "D Major" scale. Notice that the key signature displayed in TAB notation during the video lesson shows two sharps. To promote the sound of Mixolydian from the parent key signature, the lick both begins and ends upon the note of "A." One other interesting concept within the lick is how the note of "G," (the unique Mixolydian lowered seventh color tone against "A"), is highlighted at the end of measure one to further influence the Mixolydian sound. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 038: "A Mixolydian" Pop Jazz Lick


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