GUITAR TECHNIQUE 014: String Crossing & Skipping

September 30, 2018:
String Crossing and Skipping

 NEW  This unique Creative Guitar Studio course  explores exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal of the course is to increase awareness, mobility and control.

Lesson 014 of Guitar Technique studies how to perform string changing /switching techniques. These are referred to as "crossing" and "skipping."

String crossing is the technique of being able to play a musical passage between adjacent guitar strings. String skipping crosses over multiple strings, (2 or 3 strings) with melodic lines.

Developing each of these techniques will allow a guitarist to be able to play all types and manner of licks and guitar riffs in any location all along and across the entire guitar neck.

The exercises given throughout the lesson will help with building control over the use of string crossing and skipping in both ascending and descending directions along and across the fingerboard..

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PART ONE: (Free on YouTube)
Exercise one includes string crossing studies that demonstrate how a similar melodic statement can cross between two adjacent guitar strings using long and short pauses.

Exercise (1a), Two string cross with long pause

Exercise (1b), Two string cross with short pause

PART TWO:  Exercise two takes string crossing technique up to a new level with a pair of drills that operate both ascending and descending.

Exercise (2a), Triplet ascending multi-string

Exercise (2b), 16th-note descending multi-string

Exercise three introduces wide interval drills that skip over one or two strings in both ascending and descending position shift applications. The shifts between positions are made using slide technique.

Exercise (3a), Ascending string skip application

Exercise (3b), Descending string skip application

PART FOUR:  Exercise four wraps up the lesson plan with a melodic phrase that applies wide interval string skips along the span of the entire fingerboard.

String skipping can present a challenge to a guitar players picking hand in several ways. These challenges include the use of wide intervals between string groups as well as, unique melodic passages brought on by the application of such irregular intervals

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