GUITAR TECHNIQUE 012: Left & Right Hand Muting

September 02, 2018:
Left and Right Hand Muting

 NEW  This unique Creative Guitar Studio course  explores exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal of the course is to increase awareness, mobility and control.

Lesson 012 of Guitar Technique studies how to achieve the unique percussive effect that is known of as "Muting."

Muting is generally practiced as an approach that is individual to the left and right hands. When the picking hand performs muting, it is commonly referred to as a "Palm Mute."

When the fretting hand performs a muting function, it is generally called, "String Dampening," (also commonly called hitting, "Ghost Notes").

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Exercise (1a) begins by introducing a guitar melody line that does not employ any form of muting technique. Then exercise (1b), takes the phrase from (1a), and adds palm muting to the part

PART TWO:  Example two shifts to the application of fret-hand muting with a string dampening concept, (sometimes referred to as 'ghost notes').

The riff in exercise (2a), introduces a key of "D Major" chord riff that does not apply any string dampening. Then, the same riff [in exercise (2b)], adds several dampened hits around the chord punches.

Exercise three takes the technique of palm muting into a fast 16th-note triplet scale passage. The key of "E Minor" scale run moves along and across the neck from the 7th position of 5th string into the 9th position of 3rd string. All tones are palm muted except the final note, (at the 11th fret of 3rd string)."

PART FOUR:  Exercise four focuses on using palm muting for the chord punches, along with the brief melodic statement played in measure one. 

In measure two, string dampening (ghost notes) are used to emphasize, "Ab and Bb" major triads (both performed off of 4th guitar string root notes).

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