GUITAR TECHNIQUE 013: Two Hand Tapping

September 16, 2018:
Two-Hand Tapping

 NEW  This unique Creative Guitar Studio course  explores exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal of the course is to increase awareness, mobility and control.

Lesson 013 of Guitar Technique studies how to play notes like Eddie Van Halen using that infamous two-hand tapping approach.

Two-Hand taps operate by way of synchronizing the left and right hands together to generate a series of scale or arpeggio tapped phrases that occur at a vert fast pace. 

The end result is both unique physically and musically. The technique generates extremely fast note groupings (as well as, a flashy attention getting sound).

The exercises in this lesson plan will help guitar players develop two-hand tapping through detailed on screen demonstrations of the hands performing a group of tapped studies that are both musical and physical.

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PART ONE: (Free on YouTube)
Exercise one introduces the tapping method through a discussion on left and right hand technique. Simple tapping using "start tones" will help the guitarist integrate tapping into their skill-set.

Exercise (1a), learning how to tap from a single start tone

Exercise (1b), double-tapping from off of the start tone

PART TWO:  Exercise two focuses on how to start a tapped phrase from off of a fretted tone. Chord and arpeggio awareness is also discussed with a breakdown of; chord tones, intervals and scale tone combinations that can be applied to create our tapped arpeggio lines.

The riff in exercise (2a), outlines an "Am6" chord through intervals

The riff in exercise (2b), adds a scale tone to create a new chord (the chord of D7).

Exercise three explores the method and the note sequences that are used by guitar legend "Eddie Van Halen."

Eddie applies a unique order to his two-hand tapping structure. This unique order and sequence of tones generates a tapped phrase that ends up sounding unique to Eddie's sound and playing style.

PART FOUR:  Exercise four involves learning a two-bar 16th-note triplet tapping exercise that both crosses strings vertically and includes open strings across the note run.

As your tapping technique improves, the next steps to take with the technique will involve moving vertically along and across guitar strings, as well as, adding open strings alongside of fretted tones

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