Secret Ingredients for Killer Melodies...

February 17, 2017:
Secret Ingredients for Killer Melodies

PART ONE:  In example one, the first exercise takes a low register melody (in ex. 1a), and displaces the line into another octave range, (ex. 2b). The concept of displacing melody into another tonal range is one of the easiest to adopt into your composing system. Changing the register of a melodic part creates an immediate impression and is straightforward to do. 

In example two, a primary melody is introduced in example 2a. This melodic line acts as the principle part from where we use the key signature to match intervals and build a harmonized line in example 2b. 

Harmonizing a melody is a compelling way to enhance any existing phrase. The effect is simple, yet instantly impressive to the listener. You'll hear this applied in a number of famous songs such as in the Eagles, "Hotel California," (guitarists; Joe Walsh, Don Felder and Glen Frey), as well as, the Allman Brothers song, "Jessica," (with Dicky Betts and Les Dudek on electric guitars).

Watch Part 2 of this lesson in the members area. In Part Two, we'll work on using wide intervals, string skipping, and constructing small 2-note chord riffs, (double-stops) as a way to enhance the dynamics of a melody.
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