GUITAR TACTIC: Modal Melody Swapping


GUITAR TACTIC:  Modal Melody Swapping

Modes for guitarists can be quite confusing. But, when the intervals for each mode are individually focused on their sound will start to open up. By performing each mode through just one guitar lick, players can learn to hear the unique differences of each mode... 

Modes can be extremely confusing to guitar players studying scales. But, when you take the approach of altering the different intervals of each mode (from off of the same tonic) while playing the same lick through the modes, you gain a fantastic perspective for the unique sound of each one. 

When this type of "Mode Swapping" study is done (along with isolating the major tonality modes from the minor's), it becomes a great exercise to realize all of the different sound characteristics that can occur. 

Plus, this type of scale /tonality swapping study can also help players focus a lot more on the individual intervals that make up each mode. This is a really important factor in learning how to apply each of the modes in all types of different musical situations.

In this episode of the Guitar Blog Insider, we'll take one guitar lick and move it through each of the seven major scale modes. The result will be developing a greater level of focus for each of the modes. Understanding their intervals will help with creating all kinds of melody from the various modes. 

Watch the video below... "Modal Melody Swapping."

Modal Melody Swapping



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