Easy (Addictive) Chords You'll Love


Easy (Addictive) Chords You'll Love

Some chord types are so unique they're addictive. These chords offer guitar players a unique open sound that can even go so far as to define the style of an artist... 

When you listen to certain guitar players, some will just seem to have that unique open crystalline sound that creates an attractive character to the songs they write on guitar. 

One player in particular who comes to mind is William Ackerman. If you're not familiar with his music, take a moment now to go and give his music a listening to. When you hear Ackerman's choice of chords, there's a unique effect to his guitar sound that is so noticeable that it will grab your attention right away. 

Quite often this "open" sound has to do with the use of unique intervals that will get added to the chords along with open strings. A more complex approach can even go so far as to involve re-tuning the guitar strings. This technique makes for a very nice open chord sound. 

In this episode of the Guitar Blog Insider, we'll have some fun with a small collection of easy to play chords like this. These chords will help you expand your knowledge of neck and they'll even help you write some new song riffs as well. 

So, let's have some fun learning... "Easy Addictive Chords You'll Love to Play." Watch the video to learn more.

Easy Addictive Chords You'll Love



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