MUSICIANS - Never Waste Your Time with These


MUSICIANS - Never Waste Your Time with These...

On this episode of the, "Guitar Blog Insider," we discuss how musicians can end up wasting their time on stupid things that won't build their; careers, their happiness, or their bank accounts. 

As a musician, there are a lot of times when we will be contacted about doing gigs, or about attending media events /interviews that will quite likely end up being a total waste of our time. There's also a lot of things that we can get wrapped up in (day to day) that can waste our time as well. Obviously, this is NOT good, and we need to learn how to pick and choose what fits our long term success goals.

Let's face it, our time is valuable. We need to use it wisely. Some things may seem like good ideas at first, but after considering the details, (if they don't benefit our own music strategy), it's a good bet that they aren't going to do much to advance our careers. Overall, we only have so many hours in each day, so we have to use our time wisely and we need to make sure that every minuet is spent effectively.

MUSICIANS - Never Waste Your Time with These

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